Working as a cook on a merchant ship, a woman comes to know and love Samsa, a woman who gives her the nickname ‘Boulder’. When Samsa gets a job in Reykjavik and the couple decides to move there together, Samsa decides that she wants to have a child. She is already forty and can’t bear to let the opportunity pass her by. Boulder is less enthused, but doesn’t know how to say no – and so finds herself dragged along on a journey that feels as thankless as it is alien.

With motherhood changing Samsa into a stranger, Boulder must decide where her priorities lie, and whether her yearning for freedom can truly trump her yearning for love.

Once again, Eva Baltasar demonstrates her pre-eminence as a chronicler of queer voices navigating a hostile world – and in prose as brittle and beautiful as an ancient saga.

Synopsis from And Other Stories Publishing

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« La poète et romancière catalane a su créer ici un personnage inoubliable, une antihéroïne inadaptée, mutique, dont elle suggère les gouffres sans les expliquer. » Les Inrocks — Les 40 romans de la rentrée

«Il fallait son écriture au plus près des sensations, pour dire ce beau personnage de femme verrouillée dans une carapace de silence, inadaptée au monde, déstabilisée par une histoire de couple imprévue qui la dépasse, et pour toujours hantée par l’appel du large.» “Boulder” d’Eva Baltasar : quand une femme ne veut pas d’enfant avec sa compagne —Sylvie Tannett

« While working on a ship off the coast of Chile, our narrator comes to know and love Samsa, an Icela ndic woman who give her the nickname “Boulder” for being tough as a boulder. When Samsa is offered a new job in Reykjavik and the couple move in together, Samsa decides she wants to have a child. Boulder can’t think of anything worse.»  Sheffield Telegraph — Daring new novel explores IVF for a lesbian couple and geriatric mothers

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