Who we are

We are a sixty-year-old independent publisher. We publish authors that we believe will outlive us. We release around ten titles per year, frequently in Catalan and Spanish double editions. We are smugglers: we take Catalan literature beyond its borders and return with foreign literature. We also cross the barrier of time.

Where we come from

Club Editor was created by a group of writers with the aim of rebuilding what Francoism had destroyed: a literature which awakens its audience. They called themselves “the novelists’ club” and it was through this club that Mercè Rodoreda published her work from exile. Joan Sales led the project, his motto was: “books are also weapons”.

Where we are going

We try to be a publisher of note for those who look for pleasure and substance in literature. Our catalogue is a banquet which we offer to our readers and a home which is open to our authors. They all express themselves in our language, even those who write from Moscow and Beirut. They all get on well and talk to one another, the living with the dead and vice versa.

Upon looking for exceptions we formed a family, one of authors who are guided by sensitivity, without worrying about conforming to their era. Here genre does not rule, but rather personality. Novels, stories, essays disguised as fiction or graphic novels, in our house all these representatives of prose live together, and in general they themselves are poets.

How we do it

Our publisher is a way of working. As much as, or more than, the catalogue, we are interested in being a workshop in which the intelligence of each worker flourishes as part of common project. The artist is he/she who practices an art and the worker is he/she who creates a work: this is stated in the Alcover-Moll dictionary, our bible.

Our commitment to the authors

To publish works, not titles; to keep alive the body that is a work: to reissue it and distribute it beyond its initial period of novelty, to search for the viability of the long seller. To dedicate to each text all the necessary work for it to reach maturity.

The production of each text alongside the authors and translators is the only competency publishers have that has not been questioned by the transformations of the sector. To make this its cornerstone was the first calling for Club Editor, and this has been confirmed by the current climate.

Our commitment to the readers

To offer translations and unpublished originals which have been well crafted, not simply endorsed by a name or a publishing company. To offer a literary territory which can be identified, rather than a series of titles determined by the trend of the moment. To offer, beyond the books themselves, the opportunity to explore what they are.